Project Description

ATEX Portable Compressor converted Centrexpert. After a year of research and development, tooling SAM launched a major innovation called PEA (Pneumatic Autonomous Embedded.)

The PEA is the solution to bring the power in all your applications: tightening, loosening, nailing, riveting, drilling, blowing, gluing, etc …

The concept of PEA frees the operator constraints need energy as supplied by the electrical networks or fixed air networks. This mobile solution eliminates the need for any connections.

The PEA allows to enjoy the benefits of pneumatic tools, since making them autonomous in all situations, all environments and all weather conditions. Air tools are more powerful for the same application, lighter, stronger, cheaper than other tools energized. SAM has the most extensive range of pneumatic tools market.


The bottle represents the energy reservoir that supplies power to air tools. This is high pressure in order to embark the maximum air and increase the autonomy of the PEA system without decreasing its portability. The tap fixed on the bottle allows the opening and closing of the tank containing compressed air. The valve, equipped with a manometer, gives real-time information of the amount of air available to the user.

The regulator placed directly after the tap cycles through a high pressure at a pressure of 6.5 bar, required by all pneumatic tools.

A quick connector is positioned after the expander in order to facilitate the disconnection and the flexible change.

The special flexible and anti-whip is responsible for transmitting pneumatic energy with maximum security by limiting losses.

A quick connector is also placed after the hose to facilitate tire changing tools.