ATEX 100 kVA Mobile Diesel Generator Set

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Centrexpert works in close collaboration with ENERIA to transform / convert generator sets in order to offer their customers the best services available on the market.

Charging Station ATEX 3G

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The battery charging station is designed to recharge batteries 24V 200Ah GEL from three-phase power supply 400V / 50Hz in a hazardous classified area 2 , gas group IIB and temperature class T3 .

The charger is enclosed in a flameproof enclosure with window. The controls are offset from the enclosure door .

ManiScopic 3G IIB T3 – 80 modifications

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This truck with telescopic arm of the Manitou brand can load / unload heavy loads.

CentrExpert achieved a significant number of changes in order to certify the ATEX Zone 2 .

The massive machine was completely disassembled to convert any component to ATEX standards.

This specialist work was carried out in the rules of art , to offer […]

E20 3G IIB T3 – 70 modifications

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ATEX forklift Linde E20 , equipped by CentrExpert to operate in explosive atmospheres.

This electric Linde has been converted for the account of a client CentrExpert in order to allow its operation in Zone 2 , gas group IIB, temperature class T3 .

This conversion was carried out , among others, by the security of electrical and […]

E16 3G IIB T4 – 80 modifications

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This versatile electric forklift Linde offers a wide range of specifications available .

The conversion of such an electric forklift is the specialty of CentrExpert . With this knowledge , this electric truck can now be used in ATEX zone 2, for temperature class T4 , suitable for group IIB gas.

Therefore, this model will meet the […]