Referencing in Google

Thanks to an advanced referencing technique, your products are quickly listed on the first page of Google

Your products are listed on the first page of Google

We use a natural referencing technique to guarantee optimum search positioning depending on the type of key words entered.

An ATEX-only platform

Tradatex is the first complete platform to propose a whole range of ATEX-only solutions.


Thanks to, your ATEX products are no longer lost in the masses of standard products. A customer looking for ATEX-compliant products will only find ATEX-compliant products.

Your ATEX Specialists is a platform developed by CentrExpert. You can benefit from our expertise in the world of ATEX compliance.


Take advantage of CentrExpert’s expertise in the ATEX sector, and let us advise you, so you can find the right ATEX products as quickly as possible!

Adapted Solutions

Tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs. With us, you will find the solution that best suits you.


Depending on if you have 1, 10 or 100 products, your needs will not be the same! We adapt to provide you with the best offer.

What more could you ask for? We offer you the best! is a complete platform with a large range of ATEX equipment, components, tools, machines and even ATEX services
  • More than 30 categories of products, all ATEX-compliant!
  • Ranging from basic ATEX components to ATEX-compliant machines, Tradatex is the most extensive ATEX platform you can find.
  • We include detailed product descriptions giving you all the information you need about our ATEX products.
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Tradatex is your window for your ATEX products is a platform developed by CentrExpert. We are here for you.