The Company CentrExpert

CentrExpert was created in 2011 by 2 renowned experts from the ATEX sector.

Who realized that the ATEX-related market was undergoing significant changes:

  • With ever stricter and more complex norms, in a society where the issues of safety and risk aversion are becoming increasing important,
  • Companies created decades ago have now become players in this market, often rather opportunistically— a market which initially only focussed on an approach using kits and components.
  • Increasingly sophisticated machines and equipment

CentrExpert is meeting this challenge head-on by bringing its experience to the market :

  • A new approach with a global vision offering a system
  • That is tailor-made and specifically adapted to each conversion and to each client
  • that offers the highest level of expertise in ATEX compliance
  • The innovative use of the latest technologies, giving you the highest level of safety
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A team of Engineers who are expert:

  • In designing different types of protection, carrying out risk analysis and insuring compliance
  • In mechanics
  • In electronics
  • In electro-mechanics
  • In industrial and on-board IT systems
  • In quality

Specialized Technicians

  • To ensure our conversions are performed effectively, , Centrexpert boasts highly specialized and qualified technicians who work to the highest possible standards.

Certifications and Accreditations

From the very launch of the company, CentrExpert has taken extreme care to work in accordance with the best industrial practices and standards. Consequently, it is ISO 9001 certified and was also awarded ATEX accreditation from the French institute for industrial risk prevention (INERIS), European certified body.


CentrExpert has brought together a panel of specialized partner suppliers who assist us in our work. These suppliers are frequently audited so as to guarantee the best level of quality.

Our location

CentrExpert is located near Lyon, which means that we cannot only take advantage of the Oil & Gas and Chemistry supply cluster currently operating in the Rhone-Alps region, but also from a much favoured geographical location and developed transport infrastructure, enabling us to better address our international client-base.

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Our Location

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